Gene Busby

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05/29/14 10:16 AM #1    

Jim Nunn

Gene was a small kid, with Bambi eyes and somewhat bushy eyebrows--which is how I remembered his name, in addition to the ever-popular "busy bee" and "buzzy bee" monikers we so cleverely assigned him. (I should talk about funny names!). As I recall he was a "new kid," meaning not an original, from-Kindergarten La Canadan. All these--his appearance, his name, his status--all made him an easy target for our thoughtless juvenile barbs. I soon grew weary. He was just too easy of a target. It turned out he was a pretty good guy and probably could have been a friend, no thanks to the way some of us treated him, at least at first. Gene, you are forever a reminder to me to be kind, for we are all of one soul, inexoribly interconnected. 

05/30/14 09:49 AM #2    

Jerry Hogle

Thank you, Jim, for all these well-articulated memories and tributes.  I liked Gene a great deal, and you have caught him well in the last sentence of your tribute to him.  You also duplicated my feelings about Marc Browning exactly, and he and I were friends for many years before he moved away.   Like everyone else, I am sure, I appreciate your throughtful and soulful memorials very much indeed.  Many thanks again --



05/31/14 09:44 AM #3    

Sally Scheck (Montana-Rose)


How extremely thoughtful and kind your words are for those classmates of ours that are no longer with us.  Thank you for taking the time to think about each of them individually.  Yes, any of us that were "newbies" to the LCHS system (I arrived mid-5th grade at Paradise Canyon) always felt a little "out of it" as the clique was strong, but I hope those acquaintenances that have now passed had some good memories and experiences to help them grow into adulthood.  I have had 2 nieces and a stepdaughter graduate from LCHS and currently have 2 great-nephews attending PC and LCHS successfully and joyfully.  Makes me proud to have been a part of the brand-new LCHS (also feeling old when I see 2 generations behind me!)

Sally Scheck Montana

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